Terms of Use and Policies

The operation of this portal is governed by specific rules and its features and content are designed to be ??accessible to all and fulfils all the requirements set by the National Documentation Centre. It is therefore necessary for all users to pay attention to the terms of use and Policies.

1. Use of data
The use of data is referred in the Terms of Use, defining the opportunities provided and the restrictions constraint all the data that are available in the portal.
The resources are provided by both the municipality and registered users and as the content of this website is available for re-use, all of them are clearly labeled with rights statements that indicate if and under which conditions can be re-used.

1.1. Media and information
Multimedia and the information provided with them can only be used in accordance with the rights information displayed. The licenses are the following:
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
1.2. Metadata
All available metadata are published free of restrictions under the terms of the license:
Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)

If you re-use these data is recommended to provide attribution to the data sources whenever possible.

1.3. Licensing
Municipality of Haidari is not the owner of the copyrights to the media, metadata or the cultural heritage. This information has been provided by all users. The providers of these data have confirmed that the owners of the rights have agreed to the publication of their works under the applicable conditions, as mentioned above. As the Municipality of Haidari cannot guarantee that this is always correct, if you think that anything published on this portal infringes your rights, you may report this by emailing to the administrators.

1.4. Liability Disclaimer
The Municipality of Haidari does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the site and its content.
Except to the extent required by applicable law, in no event will the municipality be liable on any legal theory for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of the use of the website or its content. In particular, it will not be liable for the following:

  • Accuracy, completeness, etc. of the website or its content
  • Any infringement of privacy, publicity or other rights, including infringement of copyrights to metadata, previews or other content made available on the portal under conditions that were not approved by the right holder
  • Any use by third parties that goes beyond the rights expressed in these terms of use

1.5. Acceptance of terms
By using this website or its content , the users accept and agree to be bound to these terms of use. Municipality of Haidari reserves the right to amend these terms of use.
These terms of use are governed by the laws of The Greek Rebublic.

2. Contribution Data
People who contribute to the portal should be aware that their material is available for re-use by other users under the restrictions provided.

2.1. User account
By creating an account, the User indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. The account is managed by the user himself, who has to preserve the combination “Username-Password” and keep it confidential, as he is responsible for any activity at the gate, through this combination.

2.2. Content Disposal
All content t is protected by Intellectual Property Rights contributed by the user. If the User is the proprietor of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Content has to publish his content under the terms of one of the licenses:
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
If the User is not the proprietor of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Content, guarantees that either:

  • The user is authorized by the proprietor of the Intellectual Property Rights of this Content to publish it, under the terms provided by him
  • The Content is Public Domain.

User provides a free, unencumbered, worldwide, non-exclusive licence for the use, reproduction, distribution and communication of the Content, and for making the Content publicly available, to the extent that this is necessary for the Service to be provided. Although the Website will indicate that the re-use of the Content contributed by the User is governed by the Terms of rights, the user acknowledges and accepts that the portal is not responsible and/or liable for compliance by Visitors with the property rights.

2.3. Minimum Standards
All content of the portal that has been posted or will be posted meets certain requirements according to the European good practices of digitization and deposition of the cultural content. These practices aim:

  • to increase the interoperability of digitized files of cultural heritage and accessibility of digital collections through the use of widely accepted standards
  • to Ensure high quality of the digital content
  • to reduce the possibility to digitize the same items in the future and
  • the long-term preservation of digital content

As all of the content that is posted on the portal is stored in the Repository of the Municipality, the metadata accompanying the resource are also collected. The metadata are collected in accordance with the standard Dublin Core, and subject to certain limitations, in order to allow the search of cultural content through the portal and search engines. Therefore in order to post a resource on this cultural portal you have to check that it meets the following standards:

  • The content must be related to cultural heritage, as the purpose of the portal is the collection and free use of cultural heritage of the Municipality of Haidari.
  • The file name you will upload is recommended to be as descriptive as possible, as this will make it easy for the search engines to find it.
  • Digitized files must be in type ‘jpeg’.
  • Minimum quality requirements analysis for the digitized files is 72 dpi in greatest dimension
  • The file name must have a specific format. Specifically, the file name should appear in roman characters, with no spaces and you are not allowed to use these symbols (*,?, <,>,%, ‘, “, \, /,:, |, [,], @). An example file name would be “palataki_tzaki”.

2.4. Using metadata
All Metadata contributed by the User to the Website will be made available to other users under the terms of the:
Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
2.5. Illegal use of the Service
The user is aware and accepts that administrators have no real knowledge of content and metadata available. Administrators check the content provided by users before its final publication only about its standards. Responsible for the accuracy of the content is only the user who provides it.
Without being required to give notice or without being liable for compensation, and without prejudice to their rights, portal administrators reserve the right to remove Content or Metadata or to close an Account if there are grounds for doing so, in particular in, but not limited to, cases in which, the User breaches the provisions of these Terms of Use.

2.6. Duration of use / Termination and Applicable Law
The User is entitled to cease using the portal and close his account at any time. Still, administrators have the right to terminate and / or suspend the availability of the Portal to the user, if consider there are grounds for doing so, without creating any liability on its part towards the User.
These Terms for user contribution and the use of the portal are governed by the laws of the Greek Republic. Where national or international legal norms do not contain mandatory provisions to the contrary, all disputes between the user and the Municipality of Haidari will be brought before the competent court.

3. Policies
3.1. Policy of Privacy
The portal “culhub” recognizes the importance of privacy to users. Therefore personal information treated with care by the administrators.

3.1.1. Collection of information
In line with common practice, when the user visits the portal and subscribes some information about him is record and stored. This is done to improve the content and the usability of the portal and the services.
The data collected are the following: Log Files, cookies and information expressly required to be provided to the user upon registration or upon using any electronic forms of communication with the administrators.

3.1.2. Log files and «cookies»
When the user visits the portal, the requests and actions are automatically logged on the server. Log files contain information such as the IP address, the date and time the user accessed the website, the pages requested for viewing, etc. Log files do not contain any personal identifiable information.
Cookies are small amounts of information sent from a web server to the users’ browser and stored on the computers’ hard-drive. They contain information about the internet sites visited. This portal uses cookies to recognize the users and their access privileges. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but the browser settings can usually be changed to prevent this.

3.1.3. Registered users data and data from other forms
When the user is prompted to register, asked to voluntarily provide some personal information. Identification of users allows the administrators to provide personalized services on the portal. Through the use of any electronic form on the portal (registration form and processing user profiles, contact form) the user agrees to supply some minimal personal information (namely name and email address). The users’ personal information will not be used for direct mailing or for other reasons than to answer your request.

3.1.4. Privacy Policy
The cultural portal respects user privacy and seeks to protect personal data. Therefore, no selling, no trades or rent to others of the information from users of this website.
The administrators are taking all necessary measures to protect the data from un-authorized access and use in a way other than that stated in the Privacy Policy. These data will not be provided to third parties in any way, unless the administrators are legally obligated to do so.
The data is stored for as long as is useful for administrative reasons. Non-personal data may be stored indefinitely as research material.

3.1.5. About Privacy Policy Protection of Privacy
This Site may contain links to other web sites that are beyond the control of the administrators. This privacy policy applies solely to the information provided while visiting this Site. Other web sites to which the user links may contain privacy policies that are different from this privacy policy.
Any privacy policy changes will be published on this page.

3.1.6. Questions, Complaints and Dispute Resolution
By using the portal, the user consents to the terms of the Privacy Statement hereby described. However, reserves the right to prevent the use of the personal data for personalized services. If the user wants to be informed about the personal data collected about him, or to have this data corrected or removed, or have any other question to this statement, can contact to the administrators.

3.1.7. Feedback Form
If the user encounters any problem using this site or wish to make general comments/suggestions, can use the contact form.
All online forms that require the user to enter personal information are designed to meet privacy requirements. This privacy policy provides further details.