Welcome to the portal of the cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality of Haidari

This site gives access to the cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality of Haidari and provides them for re-use. This interactive portal gives the chance to each registered user to post Cultural Resources, while the entire contest of the portal complies with the national and international rules that govern the disposal and processing of intellectual property. Each Resource has a clear indication of copyrights and all the Cultural Resources are stored in the Repository of the Municipality of Haidari and the National Documentation Centre

Cultural Sites

Interactive Map

Αρχαία Ιερά Οδός - Ancient Sacred Way

Οι Ρειτοί (Λίμνη Κουμουνδούρου) - “Reitoi” (Lake Koumoundourou)

Μονή Δαφνίου - Dafni Monastery

Πάρκο Νεολαίας - Youth Park

Διομήδειος Βοτανικός Κήπος - Botanic Garden of Diomidis

Μπλοκ 15 - Block 15

Ανοιχτό Θέατρο Χαϊδαρίου - Open Theater of Haidari

Δημαρχείο Χαϊδαρίου - City Hall of Haidari

Οικία Ευάγγελου Καλούμενου - Residence of Evangelos Kaloumenos

Ιερό Αφροδίτης - Temple of Afrodite

Μνημείο Αγνώστου Στρατιώτη - Monument to the Unknown Soldier

Μνημείο Αγωνιστών - Rebels Monument

Πάρκο Ιστορικής Μνήμης και Περιβαλλοντικής Ευαισθητοποίησης - Historical Memory and Environmental Awareness Park

Κτίριο Νικολάου Γύζη - Nicolaos Gyzis’ Building

Παλατάκι - Palataki


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